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EndZone Afterschool - Walk 2 EZ @ 3!    IT'S FREE!

End your day at EZ!  Open to all Dodge City 6th, 7th & 8th grade students.  EndZone is open 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 3:00 - 5:30 PM.  Fridays are reserved for weekend events and actvities (i.e. dances and parties).  You can also find specific EndZone program details listed on the EndZone Calendar.  Special thanks to United Way of Dodge City, Kansas Health Foundation, and City of Dodge City for your support of The Alley and helping us offer EndZone at NO CHARGE to students. 

​​​​​​​You can support the EndZone Afterschool a number of ways.  We are looking for volunteers, speakers, activity supplies, and healthy snack items.  Although we do not currently charge a registration fee, we accept donations from individuals and the community to help us continue to offer this service to the youth of our community to ensure they have a safe place to go after school.  Contact The Alley to learn more about how you can help.

Walk 2 EZ @ 3!

We encourage all Middle School students to walk to The Alley to participate in after school activities.


The Alley is located at 2200 1st Avenue and is within 4 blocks of both Middle Schools.


EndZone promotes healthy lifestyles and we want you to end your day at The Alley. 


Benefits of walking:

Ecourages healthy habits

Builds healthy bones and muscles

Helps control weigh and builds lean muscle

Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety

Increases flexibility and stamina

Helps concentration and memory

Improves sense of self-image

Helps kids sleep better

Allows kids to experience nature

Walking=friend making!


Computer Lab 


A monitored comuter lab, equipped with nine computers and flat screen monitors is available during the EndZone Afterschool program.


Students are monitored during computer use and are able to use the computers to to complete homework assignments and for educational purposes. 

Special thanks to: 


Lewis Automotive Group, Stegman Electric, Starr Computer, Superior Fence, Guthrie Floor Covering, Kelly McDowell, Kitchens,  United Wireless, Victory Electric, Kansas Health Foundation and United Way of Dodge City.   

EndZone @ 3!

The EndZone Afterschool program began in October 2010.  As a service to the community, The Alley offers the afterschool program at NO cost to 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students.   

In addition to the regular activities available at The Alley, below are programs offered dudring EndZone in the past, some that are ongoing and others that will be added as funding and scheduling allows.  Click on the calendar for this month's programs.

Some items on the list may provide a link to a specific program flyer, if applicable.



2016/2017 School Year

​ALLEY ADVENTURES - Every Wednesday

Weekly activities covering topics on health, fitness, and overall wellness - see flyer.

Homework First (30 minutes daily)​


Nutrition/Healthy snack demonstrations

Cooking classes



Body image/self confidence

Arts & Craft projects

Physical fitness/recreation activities

Police Academy​

Click here to view EndZone photos in our Media Gallery.​

Find us on Facebook for more EndZone activity photos!

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