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Teen Board of Directors

The Alley's Teen Board of Directors is an all-teen volunteer program​

The Teen Board meets at least once a month to plan events. The 30+ member Teen Board is involved in day-to-day operations at the teen center. 

Members of the Teen Board are responsible for working during dances and special events.  They also serve as volunteer workers and tutors during the EndZone Afterschool program. 

Teen Board members gain valuable experience in business management, peer relationships, conflict resolution, event planning and execution, and fundraising. 

Skills developed while working as a member of the Teen Board benefit high school students when applying for jobs during high school and post-graduation.  Students use The Alley as a reference and employers have confidence in Teen Board members and their leadership skills.  Involvement on the Teen Board is extremely valuable when completing college applications, as it demonstrates valuable skills learned through membership, teamwork, and hands-on business experience. 



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